I’m a computer scientist in grad school at UC Davis doing geometry processing – this involves turning scans of brains and skulls into triangle meshes, then mapping and quantifying their geometric differences. I am advised by Owen Carmichael and Nina Amenta. I currently work in the Geometry Lab and work closely with Nina and her students.

Surface Mapping

I’m researching a method to map a surface to another in a non-rigid way. The method uses hyperbolic geometry to optimize the vertex positions for overall distortion while making sure that specified sets of landmark points are kept aligned. Feel free to email me to learn more about this project.

Academic Work

Here’s a list of academic work that have my name on it.

  • [ Poster] C. Rojas, A. Tsui, S. He, L. Simons, S. Li, and N. Amenta, “Edge Length Interpolation,” Solid Phys. Model., 2014.
  • [ Abstract] A. Tsui, “Constraint-based surface mapping via hyperbolic orbifold metrics,” in SOCG 2014 Young Researcher’s Forum, 2014, pp. 8-9.
  • [ Paper] A. Tsui, D. Fenton, P. Vuong, J. Hass, P. Koehl, N. Amenta, D. Coeurjolly, C. DeCarli, and O. Carmichael, “Globally optimal cortical surface matching with exact landmark correspondence.,” Inf. Process. Med. imaging, vol. 23, pp. 487–98, Jan. 2013.
  • [ Paper] C. G. Schwarz, A. Tsui, E. Fletcher, B. Singh, C. DeCarli, and O. Carmichael, “Impact of Markov Random Field optimizer on MRI-based tissue segmentation in the aging brain.,” Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Soc., vol. 2011, pp. 7812–5, Jan. 2011.

Curriculum Vitae

Here’s my CV: Download


You can find me online. Here are some links to get your search started:

  • Bitbucket – You can get a glimpse of my research code here.
  • Github – I am a fan of open source, and a goal of mine is to release an open-source version of my research code, and other projects, here. See also my developer journal for the projects I maintain on Github.
  • Stack Overflow – I try answer questions about the open source tools I use on a daily basis.
  • Personal Blog - Follow me and my personal pursuits here.

Alex Tsui

I'm a grad student at UC Davis doing research in geometry processing and surface mapping.

atsui at ucdavis dot edu